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Becoming “Mummy” – My plus size pregnancy story.

 `Hi all! Two months ago my little girl Eleanor turned one years old. Those who have followed me for a long time will be just as shocked as I am how quickly the time seems to of flown by. It seems like just yesterday it was just me and Adam in our flat in Fairfield,… Continue reading Becoming “Mummy” – My plus size pregnancy story.

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FabFatMama reviews! – Creams Cafe Middlesbrough

Hi all! A few weekends ago me, my mum, Adam and Eleanor went out for some dinner together in Middlesbrough. As my mum was having Eleanor for the night, me and Adam decided to try out a new dessert place together and spend some time together before going home. Middlesbrough is erupting with new places… Continue reading FabFatMama reviews! – Creams Cafe Middlesbrough

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A Spot On Ride. – Venicci 3 in 1 Travel System Review.

Hi all! Today I’m bringing you a review which has been a very long time coming! This is because I’ve only really got into the third part of the travel system in the last few weeks. Finally – I’m going to talk about my pram. When I found out I was pregnant, my mum told… Continue reading A Spot On Ride. – Venicci 3 in 1 Travel System Review.