A Soup-er Way To Support The Community – Stockton Soup

Hi all!

When browsing through Instagram I came across a post from the lovely Emily telling about an exciting evening coming up soon in Stockton. Stockton Soup is an event which brings together local people to make decisions about the local community and how to make it better.


The point of the evening is to turn up, pay a suggested donation of £4 and listen to some pitches about how we can improve the local area and benefit the community, and whilst deciding on which pitch to go with – soup is served and there’s even entertainment in the form of live music from Ellis Rayner. After this, the money is then split up across the projects depending on how many votes each one has.  Stockton Soup has been running successfully in the Middlesbrough area for over a year now and so it is now being brought over to Stockton-On-Tees.

The night is not just for the projects that are being pitched. The evening is also about networking, discussing new ideas together and how we can implement them ourselves and really put back into our communities.


The team being the event is made up of a group of Stockton residents who just want to see a positive change in their area and are determined to make change happen.

I love seeing the fighting spirit of the community and I really think this is an excellent way to bring positive change and really get people talking about stockton and actually get more people involved in projects within the local community!

 So if like me you want to see a change in the community, fancy some live music or just really love soup – the first Stockton Soup is on Wednesday 28th September and will take place at the ARC in Stockton. There is also a second planned for Wednesday 23rd November if you can’t make this one – hopefully I’ll be attending both.

Hopefully lots of people will attend and will raise plenty of ideas, money and community spirit!

Lets come together to make Stockton-On-Tees a better place to live.

Hannah x


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