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Bears at Butlins! – Our family holiday. Part 2!

Hi All!

This post is a follow on post from Part 1 of our holiday adventure!

Day Two!


This was our first morning at Butlins and we woke early and made our plans for the day. We decided we were going to walk down to breakfast and then from there head to baby friendly messy play. The day was super warm and so I dressed for the occasion in some old ASOS Curve shorts and a cream tank top from Taking Shape which I bought in their closing down sale.


 Breakfast wasn’t too busy and we had plenty of choices of where to sit again.


Again it was a mix of being served and self serve. We grabbed juice, hot breakfasts and some pastries which were all great. The only downside is there wasn’t really any breakfast selections for Eleanor. We were told Ella’s kitchen pouches were included but they didn’t do anything suitable for breakfast such as porridge so she had her bottle accompanied by a fruit pouch. We actually found it really hard to feed Eleanor as there was so much going on and people constantly interacting with her which is normally lovely but when you’re trying to feed a very distracted baby it gets VERY frustrating. There’s no way to politely say “please stop talking to my child” so we just smiled and waited patiently for people to kinda leave us be.

The Ella’s kitchen pouches were great but really the meal times we had didn’t really go with the times she actually eats. We originally thought we’d just get the pouches and take them out but they were behind a glass cabinet and then they would remove the lids. I got lucky when I asked for some after Adam had and managed to keep the lids on so we would put the lids on the pouches we were given and pocket them for later when Eleanor was somewhere distraction free and it was in her routine time to eat. We only ever took enough for the next meal so that we could actually get something into her (and in the end we asked the manager if it was okay and he said it was fine to take them at the end of service) – but I get the idea that people have probably abused the free pouches in the past and took tons home to live off.


After breakfast we headed over to messy play in a little building which was extremely hard to find and quite a trek away. It seemed like most of the activities were for older children which was to be expected but Eleanor really enjoyed this activity centre – especially that fish which she chewed on for a good twenty minutes.

After messy play we headed back to our room so Eleanor could have a nap and we just hung out and played cards and enjoyed each others companies. The only problem was that they were doing maintenance work around the park which was quite loud and so I rang customer services and they sent a message round to ask workmen to try and take their lunch around 12ish when Eleanor usually naps. I know you can’t expect workmen to completely stop for you, but I also didn’t expect so much work to be going on right next to my room whilst I was on holiday and whilst it didn’t particularly bother me, I was thinking of Eleanor who was napping and would be in a horrible mood if she didn’t manage to nap.


After a nap and some lunch we decided to take Eleanor out again to explore the swimming baths. I don’t remember much about the swimming baths when I used to go as a child apart from I really loved it and used to beg to go. I remember a “space bowl” being built there but I was always too small to go on it. We walked through the pavilion to reach it and as soon as I saw the floating tap I had the biggest wave of nostalgia wash over me! The swimming baths has great facilities with a convenient pram park, plenty of  lockers, big family change stalls with flip down baby change tables and tons of showers.

Inside the actual swimming area was incredible. It has tons of slides, a baby pool, outside pool, wave pool, lazy river, cave, another large pool with jets and a huge jacuzzi. We had loads of fun, in particular in the lazy river. We went round with Eleanor in her swim ring and me and Adam floating along with her. The swimming was always super busy but we went 3 days in a row and really enjoyed it every time.

After swimming we went back to our room so Eleanor could have her afternoon nap and we got ourselves ready for the evening. Dinner was another random put it together dinner but again it was enough for us and I particularly enjoyed the jacket potatoes.


We decided to go check our one of the bars with entertainment on after we’d eaten and that’s when the nostalgia well and truly hit me! The different levels of seating, the kids bar with toys and slushes, the little shop with hundreds of different light up items and tiaras etc! It was only missing the cheap tinsel wigs I adored so much as a child and I’d of been back in the nineties.


I think we managed to grab the last table in the place and we had a drink and listened to some music whilst the kids disco was still playing between shows. We left not long after this and played in the arcades, bought more drinks for the room and headed back as Eleanor was flat out.


I thought the early nights would bother me being on holiday but really I enjoyed spending lots of time with Adam having a laugh in the room and drinking bottles of smirnoff ice. We planned that the next day we would get ourselves ready and head out into Skegness to check our the pier and seafront – we would later regret this!

Day Three!


On day three we got up and dressed and this time we gave Eleanor her morning bottle in the room with no distractions which means she actually drank it down and was in a much better mood through breakfast. We dressed her for a sunny day at the beach but little did we know it absolutely poured down.

We had our breakfast, had a little play of bingo in the arcades whilst we waited for the bus and then we hopped onto a very packed bus to Skegness seafront. The bus was so quick and easy to use and it went from inside Butlins right to the seafront. Unfortunately we had only been there when it started raining – and it only got heavier and heavier. We wandered around the shops but they were mainly just full of tat and so we hit the arcades for a couple of hours and checked out the huge arcade on the pier which just kept going and going. With the rain, all the fish and chip stands which we’d planned to get lunch from were closed so we ended up in the only place open – one very packed McDonalds. We probably could of walked back into the shops end and find somewhere but it was throwing it down and Eleanor was shouting for food and we’d of gotten drenched. This was also the time we tried to use the raincover on the cheap stroller we bought and just couldn’t get it on/to stay on.


After a bite to eat we ran over the road and tried to get a bus back. We soon found out the bus we got there wasn’t as frequent as we had been told and we waited a long time – so long that we ended up getting another bus which stopped a fair walk away from the park which we had to face in the rain whilst avoiding huge pot holes. It’s safe to say we were quite fed up – and wet – by this point.

We finally got back to the park and we popped into “The Front Room” to feed Eleanor again and to shelter from the heavy rain. There was a delicious looking range of cakes and they did reasonable deals with hot drinks and a cake but we just weren’t hungry. I wish I’d of popped back but I totally forgot – same with the ice cream shop! Adam went and collected our bits and pieces and we went for an afternoon swim to have fun after what had been such a bad day…we soon had a great time again!


After a nice hot shower to warm us all up and some fresh clothes, we were out again.


This night I decided to wear my Alice & You playsuit I bought from eBay for a bargain price. Although it’s shorts,the long sleeves and thick jersey fabric make it perfect for an evening. It’s so comfortable and soft that I felt happy in it all night.


My hair wasn’t quite all dry so I popped it up in some cute buns and decided one again that I just couldn’t be bothered with makeup.IMG_1081

After another pic ‘n’ mix tea we decided to check out the skyline gang show which Eleanor loved and we actually really enjoyed.


We even got to meet the members at the end and Eleanor and Adam had their picture taken with Bud. Eleanor fell asleep really early so instead of heading back right away we played in the arcades for an hour or so and went and bought yet more lemon flavoured alcoholic drinks – this time in the form of Hooch!


The rain finally stopped and we had a nice stroll back to the room whilst Eleanor woke up ready for her night time bottle before sleep. We popped her to bed, relaxed with our drinks and decided where to head the next day. I thought that heading back early on a night was going to do my head in but it was nice keeping her in a routine and then having the alone time with Adam.

So that takes us to Wednesday night! I’ll be popping up one more post of the last of our Holiday so keep your eye out for that!

Hannah, Adam & Eleanor x


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