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Remember Me Tearooms – FabFatMama Reviews

Hi all!

One of my absolute favourite things to do is to go out for afternoon tea. Me and my mum love it so much that she’s actually having an afternoon tea themed birthday party in a couple of weeks. We love going online and getting random deals to head off to places for afternoon tea – it gives us some time to spend together too.

I was in Stockton town centre a few weeks ago visiting a friends shop and I felt peckish. I weighed up my options and decided to try somewhere I had walked past a few times but never tried. Actually, I went to try it once with Adam but I don’t think they took card so we went elsewhere.

I popped in with Eleanor who was due a bottle and just managed to get the last table as somebody was leaving. It’s always a good sign to see a place busy! I had a look at the menu which was full of lovely treats such as toasties, bagels, jacket potatoes and loads more. I did consider quiche and a cake but settled on classic afternoon tea. It was a bargain at £6.50 (this has recently gone up to £7.50 but still excellently priced!).


On the afternoon tea there was a sandwich choice (I chose ham and mustard), crisps, side salad, scone choice (I chose cheese) and a few different options for cake. I chose a pancake inspired cake with mini pancakes on top.

It all came together on a cute china stand with mismatched cup and saucer and a pot of tea.


I’m a sucker for mismatched crockery and love the kitsch vibe it gives. I really enjoyed my sandwich but didn’t really touch the side salad. I wish that the rest of the sandwich was served as I only got 2 triangles, but there was plenty of other bits.


The cheese scone was really tasty and I highly recommend it!


I’m not usually all for sweet things but the cake was delicious. The sponge was light and airy and I loved the mini pancakes and syrup on top. These should be on the menu more!


I really enjoyed my afternoon tea and time in the cafe but I have to admit it wasn’t really baby friendly. I couldn’t see any high chairs anywhere and the tables were quite close together so I felt like I was blocking the way with my pram. Also, there’s a toilet but no baby change or real place to change a baby. I ended up on my knees in a tiny toilet trying to change my baby which wasn’t great.

Despite the lack of changing facilities I’d definitely go back. The staff were kind and helpful, the decor was kitsch and cute and what I ate was really delicious. I need to go back and try the quiche because I saw somebody else order a slice and it looked lush!

Maybe I’ll take my mum next time we’re looking for a bite to eat!

Thanks for reading,

Hannah x


6 thoughts on “Remember Me Tearooms – FabFatMama Reviews

  1. A girl after my own heart! Going for tea and cake is my ultimate favourite hobby (she says sat on the exercise bike making room for this afternoon’s cake trip!) This place looks gorgeous. Love the gorgeous crockery and presentation. What an unusual theme for a cake. Shame it wasn’t baby friendly.


    1. I know! I felt a bit let down changing my baby on some random wooden box they had in there! They would of had space for a flip down, maybe they’ll consider it in future!


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