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A Spot On Ride. – Venicci 3 in 1 Travel System Review.

Hi all!

Today I’m bringing you a review which has been a very long time coming! This is because I’ve only really got into the third part of the travel system in the last few weeks. Finally – I’m going to talk about my pram.

When I found out I was pregnant, my mum told me she would like to buy my pram which was an amazing help as prams are expensive. If we were buying our own, we’d of got something second hand  but mum wanted us to have something new as Eleanor was going to be her first grandchild.

I initially decided that I wanted a Cosatto due to the bright colours and prints, but we just couldn’t decide on a print we both liked and so I had to look at other options. I ended up going to a local pram shop and telling them I wanted a sturdy 3 in 1 system for less than £600 which also included the car seat and they gave me a few options.

They suggested the Venicci to me and I loved it from the first second that I pushed it. I toyed between the salmon pink or the white polka dot and ultimately went for the dot as I know patterns are good for babies brain development.

I love the polka dot pattern. It’s so very me and I’d not seen the pram anywhere else which also attracted me. I was also attracted to the fact that absolutely everything you need was included such as mosquito net, raincover, changing bag and even a drinks holder. The main attraction to me though was the chassis. It’s so easy to fold, it has a large zip up bag in the bottom, a slot to host a drinks holder but best of all – it bounces. The way the chassis bounces has been absolutely brilliant and helps bounce Eleanor to sleep. It’s also great for going up/down steps and curbs as the chassis takes the impact of the movement and so baby doesn’t feel a thing. The handle is one continuous leather handle which I love – I specifically didn’t want two separate ones. Pushing the pram is so easy (I often push it with one hand) due to the wheels which swivel in all directions (but can also be locked). The wheels also have the added bonus that they all come off with one click which makes putting it in small boots a lot easier! It folds down so easily by pulling two triggers whilst pushing a button and can be put back up by pulling back a tab that keeps it together and simply lifting the handle. I struggle to lift things but find the chassis easy to lift and maneuver when folded. I love the fact that all three seats co-ordinate in colours and just click onto the chassis by sitting them into the slots and then can be removed with the push of a button which has touch memory so no fumbling to push two at once! Finally, the chassis handle has a place to hang your bag which is so helpful as it makes it so much easier when you’re looking around in your bag for items.

Car Seat


The most used portion of our 3 in 1 travel system is definitely the car seat as it is just so convenient. We decided against getting the expensive Isofix base as we knew she would be in other family members cars quite often and just belt the seat in each time which takes around 20 seconds.


The car seat clicks straight into the chassis so you don’t need to fuss on changing the baby from car seat to pram – perfect for when they’re tiny or napping.


The straps have lovely padded covers which also have the dots so it’s comfortable for baby. The car seat came originally with a baby insert (which we’ve not long removed) so that you get much longer use out of the seat. The straps are adjustable at the back and are easy to loosen/tighten as needed. The car seat and cover all click off easily and can be washed which is a god send with it being white!


The handle has nice hand shaped grooves so it’s much more comfortable to carry. It can also be clicked back so that you have better access to baby/baby can see more.


We’ve had good use out of this car seat and will probably get another few month out of it before we have to go on to the next stage.

Pram Base

Another piece to the travel system is the pram attachment.


If I’m honest, I didn’t use the lay down section as much as the car seat because of the convenience of not having to swap her from car seat to pram and disturbing her, but when I went out on my own I used the pram base. It felt lovely to push a “proper” pram and It had to many great features too. My favourite feature was probably the vent, which made sure air could circulate around baby whilst she was snuggled in and toasty. I also liked that the cover clipped up onto the handle so It gave a bit more coverage and was great when It was windy. The handle and hood on the pram is super easy to fold down with two small buttons and the whole base collapses into itself when you want to store It. The pram has a lovely padded mattress in which makes it super comfy for baby and it also has a mechanism under the mattress to make it sit up slightly so baby can see more.


Eleanor is propped up here. After a few weeks she didn’t really take kindly to laying flat on her back and so being able to prop her up was great. She doesn’t even lay flat t0 sleep and screams when you lie her down so this stopped a lot of tantrums. Once again, she was obsessed with the dots on this and would roll over and try to pick them off or would sit chatting to them. With the pram having a proper mattress, it could be used as a mini travel cot and was handy for long days out/visits to family so that nap routines weren’t messed up.

Pushchair Seat


I’ve only recently moved into the pushchair seat but I really love how easy and comfortable it is for Eleanor. It’s also really beautiful and a pleasure to push it around – I’m like a proud peacock with a beautiful pram and beautiful baby to match.


The seat in this is adjustable via a large clip at the back and can be pulled right down flat for baby to sleep. It then has a semi sat up and fully sat up position. The hood on this is large and sun blocking with UPF 50+ fabric and alike the pram attachment, it has a vent. There’s also an extra mesh bag where the seat adjustment handle is for extra storage. I think this would be handy for snacks or things you want to quickly grab without rummaging through the nappy bag.


It also has an extra zipped section for when the seat is laying down so you don’t have excessive hood but still have full coverage when baby is laying down. The 5 point harness clicks in really easily and can be moved as baby grows to continue having the best fit. The straps are soft and padded for comfort.


The bumper bar has a lovely soft finish and can be detached from both sides. My only gripe is that it’s not adjustable height wise as a the moment it is nowhere near her and she can’t reach her buggy toy.


As with all the seats, this seat can be put onto the chassis either facing you or facing away. For now I choose to have her facing me as she likes lots of eye contact and to chat away to me, but I’m sure as she grows I will change it to facing out.


As I’ve mentioned earlier the travel system comes with a few items. It comes with a mosquito net which I haven’t actually used but think I will over summer as there’s an area that’s lovely for walks but is absolutely plagued with those tiny little flies so the net will protect baba from them. The rain cover I’ve used and is easy to pop on and has a vent to talk to baby. It also folds back down easily and doesn’t take up loads of room like some covers do. The bag is excellent. Not only because it clips onto the handle but because it is compact and attractive. It has a slot either side for bottles and two internal pockets to pop items in. The bag, alike the foot muff, covers, hoods on all seats are machine washable and come out gleaming white again. I was unsure of the white at first but the ease in which it can be stripped off to wash changed my mind. There’s also a parasol which matches the travel system which I will be purchasing as summer is coming up and I want enough sun protection for bab as she absolutely hates the sun being in her eyes.


In conclusion we love our Venicci and we are so glad the man in the shop recommended it to us as I possibly wouldn’t of picked it out myself. It’s a great price for everything that is included and is a dream to push. When I was ordering my pram my friends told me I’d be rid of it and onto my second by she was around 6 months as a lot of mums like to swap/change prams as they get bored but I still love mine as much as the first day that I pushed it. I hope Venicci extend their range into some compact strollers but keep a lot of the same quality features – I would definitely purchase one! Oh and next level car seats too as this one has been excellent.

So here’s to many more days pushing my Venicci with my happy, beautiful baby inside. If you’re thinking of purchasing a travel system – Venicci is the way to go.

Thanks for reading!

Hannah x


2 thoughts on “A Spot On Ride. – Venicci 3 in 1 Travel System Review.

  1. My sister used the Venicci 3 in 1 Travel System for my niece until she was around 2. I’d say it’s a pretty good car seat. Plus it looks cute to. It’s also durable. She was so happy when I gave it as a gift.


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