Baby on a Budget – How I furnished our Nursery!

Hi all!

Some people think that it breaks the bank to have a baby and so far, it’s not been the case for us. I am a very frugal person who likes to find the best price for every purchase as the more I save, the more I can buy!

When we first looked into the nursery items we were a bit overwhelmed by the prices of some of the furniture sets and decided that we would see what other ways we could get the pieces we needed.

We’ve had two nursery’s now


We were lucky enough to be given a cot by a friend of mine. You’ll soon notice when you have a baby, people will give you allsorts!





We decided that to make all the furniture we bought/were given match that we would paint them with a baby safe paint in a grey tone. We painted the cot after giving it a good sand down and it came out great. I then got this net from eBay for £2 to finish it off. The cot was originally from IKEA which was helpful as we could go online to find the instructions for assembly as it came to us in pieces.


Babies have so many different things – bibs, vests, blankets, socks etc! We knew we were going to need loads of storage and started looking into ideas. We decided we liked the look of the IKEA Kallax units as they could be changed around so much with different inserts etc in the future. We went online but postage was quite a lot from IKEA (and I wasn’t sure if they’d fit in my car) so we looked at eBay and Gumtree and managed to grab two sets for less than the price of one new at the time – we paid £25.

Once we got them home we sanded them, painted them in the nursery colour, braced them together and then attached them to the wall with a bracket for safety. If you’re going to have big heavy furniture in your baby/child’s bedroom please anchor it to the wall as they can easily fall on-top of a wee explorer!

Finally we actually went to IKEA and grabbed the matching storage boxes in alternating colours for a fun look. I love how this turned out and it actually stores so much stuff.




Another form of storage I used was actually spice rack holders – they’re only £3 each and can be used for so many things. They can be even used upside down as a cute way to hang baby clothes. We initially used these for holding little shoes but we later swapped this to books when we realised we had far too many shoes! After painting these too match we mounted these to the wall with small screws.


I decided that in such a small room wardrobes would completely close off the room. Instead, I opted for an IKEA algot system to hang her clothes on which I don’t have a decent photo of here – however I have photos from her second nursery when we moved. Oh yeah, I failed to mention that we put all this effort into her bedroom and she never ever slept in it as we moved when she was around 4-5 months old. The algot system cost us around £60 – bargain compared to wardrobes.

Changing Table

You’re probably sick of me saying “I got it from IKEA” but….I got it from IKEA and painted it. It was cheap at £25 and some ones I was looking at were extortionate. I put a padded side mat on it to stop baby rolling, added a cover and mounted pots on the wall for my nappies/wipes/various ointments. I love the pots, they make life a lot easier and probably cost less than a tenner for all of them including the rail.


Nursing Chair

The last real piece of furniture we got was this rocking chair from eBay but is originally from IKEA. It was originally over £200 but we paid just £15 to a wee old lady who had had it in storage for a while.


The chair was a light brown with cream canvas seat. Adam quickly painted it to match and I dyed the covers. My mum finished it off by buying us some cushions (IKEA of course).

I know it’s a lot of IKEA stuff but it’s out go to place due to affordability and the stuff we’ve had over the years has lasted us well. We can’t afford to pay £200-£300 for a coffee table, not when we can pay£16 and have it serve the same purpose. We also love to buy second hand where possible and really love DIY projects to really make things our own. Including the algot system which isn’t pictured, we probably spent around £150 on all the furniture in her room. Some people spend that on a chest of drawers!

Nursery – Take Two!

As I mentioned above, we actually moved house before Eleanor could even use her room! Here’s how we arranged the same furniture in her new (and much larger) bedroom. We did away with the sage green and chose a ditsy print floral wallpaper which was a pain to get on but it so cute.






The room isn’t quite finished here, we later put up her pots at the changing table and the bookshelves, but this was how it looked after one baby free night of hard work!

So yeah, it’s definitely not super expensive to sort out a nursery. Find out what you can get given, scour second hand services such as eBay,  gumtree and charity shops. Don’t be afraid of a bit of DIY – a lick of paint can really bring new life into an item and paint is a great way to tie a theme together.

Eleanor has since been sleeping in her bedroom after we moved into this house and sleeps soundly straight through the night so she must be a fan too!

Hannah x


10 thoughts on “Baby on a Budget – How I furnished our Nursery!

  1. I love the colours, something different and gender neutral as well. We bought lots of expensive items but we also get SO much second hand and from charity shops so I’m with you that it can be done cheaply and, of course, it’s good to breathe life in to items that aren’t past it yet. Much more sustainable!
    I love the clothes hanging system from IKEA and the room looks gorgeous 🙂
    Lily is 15 months and still doesn’t sleep through the night on a regular basis so that’s fab for you as well
    X X


  2. I did the same with Eli’s nursery. It probably cost me 10% of what it would have cost brand new. My logic is … a baby hasn’t got a clue what it sleeps in or where you hang its clothes, wait until it insists it needs an Iphone 6 or a car … then you’ll be glad you saved the money

    Cat x


    1. I completely agree! I see my friends who are skint or have massive credit card bills because they completely overspent and haven’t even used half of the stuff they bought! Second hand as much as possible for me! xx


  3. I really enjoyed reading this post! I just had a baby girl in January and I loved decorating her room. I love your idea about the spice racks being used upside down for hanging some clothes – I might try that as she has a few dresses that are just hanging on the door handle.x


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